Dr. Adam Bohnet


Inspired by David Lurie of Columbia University, I will include errors from my published works here. I will not include errors from my error-filled disseration, but only post-dissertation works. And, as with Prof. Lurie, I will only refer only to errors in content, not in grammar, however much I would like to confess to such errors as well.


1. On page 27 of "Debating Tumen Valley Jurchen during the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries," Korean Studies 39 (2015), I incorrectly dated Yi Songgye's turning of his troops at Wihwa island to 1588, when obviously this famous event must be dated to 1388. Evidently, matters 16th century were too much on my mind! I thank Dr. Thomas Quartermain for pointing out this embarrasing error to me.