Dr. Adam Bohnet


My broad teaching area is East Asian History. I usually teach from the Song period (960-1279) in China, the Koryo period (918-1392) in Korea and Kamakura period in Japan (1185-1333), although I am thinking of offering an early Korea course (beginning to 9th century) at the third-year level in the future. My teaching ranges to the present-day.
Below find links to information about classes that I teach, or am likely to teach, with some regularity at King's. I have not posted much information yet, but I will add steadily more information in 2018.
I divide my courses into the following categories:
1) Introduction to East Asian History (History 1601) and Peppers, Pirates and Priests (History 2650).
2) My general-interest second year courses - "Korean Wave and Beyond" (History 2166A/B), "Social and Cultural History of Twentieth Century Korea" (History 2165B), "Cultural History of Tea" (proposed).
3) My third -year courses, including Late Medieval Korea (History 3621) and Early Modern Korea (History 3620). When I return from sabbatical, I am very likely to develop anadditional course on Early Korea (from the earliest times until the early Koryo), and am thinking about a course on 19th century Korea. This would provide me with a regularly circulating series of third-year classes,.
4) My class in the department of Economics, Business and Math (not currently offered, but which I may chose to offer in the future, as I very much enjoyed the two times that I taught it).