Dr. Adam Bohnet

General Interest Classes (2100 level)

This year (2017-2018) is the first year that I have taught courses of this sort. 2100 courses in History departments in the broader UWO family are open to all students, regardless of major or prerequistite. I usually have some written assignments in my 2100 classes, but written assignments are not the focus to the extent that they are in my regular classes.

I currently teach two 2100 classes, and am likely to create a third:


1. Korean Wave and Beyond (History 2166): This class explores South Korean history via its mass culture (film, television, music, and so forth). Occasionally, I may discuss the Japanese colonial period or North Korea as well. In 2017 we discussed diverse topics including the politics of t'urot'u music, anti-communism in South Korean "golden age" films, the cannabis purge of the 1970s, LGBTQ issues and homophobia in contemporary South Korean cinema, and the political economy of K-Pop. In the meantime, we listen to a lot of catchy tunes, and I myself try and fail not to dance during my lectures! 

See the syllabus, posted below.


Sample syllabus, History 2166 a/b


2. Social and Cultural History of Twentieth-Century Korea (History 2165b): This class was first created before I came to King's, at a time when there were no other Korean history classes taught in the UWO family. These days, Prof. Carl Young over in Western teaches twentieth-century history, so I am in the process of reworking the course in such a way that it does not conflict with his teaching.


My current plan is to turn it into a companion course to History 2166 - to remove the "social" from the class and make stronger reference to art and literature. I may in fact rename it "Cultural History of Modern Korea." Stay tuned!

My current syllabus takes me half-way in that direction. Click the link:

Sample syllabus, History 2165b. 


3. Cultural History of Tea: This class is currently still in the planning stage, but I think I should have created by the time that I return from my sabbatical. It would also be a single-term, 2100 course, and would make use of extensive literary and artistic sources.  Probably I would focus it entirely on East Asia. Stay tuned!